Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jewelry Anyone?

I'm on a jewelry kick this week after my second jewelry making class at the Florida Grande RV Park where we are staying for about six weeks...First, I made a chunky necklace and a chunky bracelet...

I enjoyed that so much then I made another bracelet this week!

I'm sure having fun making jewelry! We'll see where my short attention span goes next week! My sister loved her scarf and here she is, wearing it for her 70th birthday! We had an interesting discussion this week on learning how to knit. I told her that in my scarf class there were four non-knitters, and two were lefties! She said my mom, Mildred, or Millie (where we got our blog name from) taught her to knit as if she was a right hander! Now, that's ambidextrous! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out  how to help the lefty non-knitters in the class, but we worked it out with other students helping...That was one angle I had not figured on! Teaching a left hander to knit!
Lyle in her birthday scarf

See you next week.....

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