Monday, January 16, 2012

Ruffly Scarves are HOT Right Now!

I'm excited....The RV park has agreed to let me teach a ruffly scarf class and five people have signed up. Woo-hoo! I've made a couple more since my red one...Here's one above in the "blues" colorway...It is impossible to find this scarf yarn! Backordered everywhere online, and local stores stocking the "mesh" scarf yarn are sold out everywhere we go....Some of the yarns used for making these scarves are: Patons Pirouette, Starbella, Rozetti Marina and lots lots more...There is a yarn company out of Turkey called Ice Yarns that ships very quickly, but you have to buy in lots of 4...that really gets expensive if you want several different colors. The class is January 21st. Should be fun!

Although Christmas is over, it's never to late to think about next year..I saw these snowmen on the Ravelry site and fell in love with them. They are from the Mary Maxim company.Wouldn't you know it, the pattern has been discontinued. I contacted the knitter who made them on Ravelry, but she hasn't responded. Wish I was smart enough to figure out how to knit them myself, but I'm relatively new to knitting and haven't a clue how to design them myself.....I went to the Knitting Paradise forum to ask if anybody had the pattern. Someone did, but they don't want to make a copy of the pattern and violate any copyright laws, so it looks like I might not be able to get the pattern and will just have to forget it! Rats!

Got lots of knitting plans for the next few weeks...knitting socks for my youngest daughter, a winter hat to match the  Ava Elongated Scarf pattern from JeriKnits that I knit for my oldest daughter, and a bunch more frilly scarves! Seems like retirement is keeping me busier than when I was working, but I've got such a short attention span, I need all these projects to keep myself out of trouble! :-)

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